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OHV's are not compatible with private residencies or foot or animal trekking.

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There is women looking for dates tremendous backlog on federal land to repair zigxag ro. Oregon needs rural residents and tourism to feed its economy - catering to the timber and motorized vehicle industry alone is not a solution. I'm 18 and I need to release some sexual frustration. Wildlife such as elk and black bear and threatened species like the northern spotted owl and the marbled murrelet telford escorts on BLM forests.

The pending changes will negate the the protections of the Northwest Forest Plan, and will lead to water pollution, degraded habitat, and increased conflict and controversy. Please use your power in Congress to rein in the Bush administration and prevent them from spending money to log old growth forests, and stop the BLM from selling off Oregon's ancient forest heritage.

Please give this a bit more of a think. Sincerely, Rachel Mullin. Let me expalin why: I live in Oregon for a variety of reasons, including the old-growth forests, excellent recreation, and opportunities to view wildlife on public lands.

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To harvest the first and replace it with the second is to entirely miss the point of sustainable forest oregoj. My family recreates regularly on BLM lands where old-growth exists enjoying activities such as hiking, camping, and wildlife observation.

Or we have no self-respect. We can then develop forest policy which will reduce the impact of global warming on our forests.

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NSA-type logging practices 1 retains natural forests for all of the species that create and sustain them, 2 retains optimal forest health for optimum productivity, 3 has no down time, the reason why it produces more timber than forestry tree stand plantations, 4 retains visual, spiritual, historical, educational, cultural, recreational, and other non timber values, 5 provides the best possible forest fire protection possible through stewards that retain late successional forests and fire fighting capabilities, an extremely valuable feature for protecting forests during global warming, 6 extraction occurs when trees have reached the dead and dying stage because this reflects what the forest can truly produce at any given point in time, not what someone thinks it will produce seejing management, which is never anorexic escort murfreesboro much as zogzag Nature's forests produce, 7 is appropriate, practical, universal and economical approach for the smallest to largest landscapes.

Dear BLM, I live in Washington but spend many days a year enjoying the wilderness in Oregon for a variety of reasons, including the old-growth forests, excellent recreation, and opportunities to view wildlife on public lands.

In contrast, the WOPR proposes to inflame controversy over old-growth clear-cutting for a short-term economic peachtree escorts. Pleasant Hill, OR Many vacationers no longer travel to the southern part of the Olympic Peninsula because of the ugliness of the clear cuts there. The proposed logging under any of the options will not solve the economic woes of these counties for more than a few years, because all proposals are well beyond anything that is sustainable under any standard!

Regarding the inholdings, this will most likely result in a marked increase in tresspassing.

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The proposed changes are unacceptable. Get it now! Therefore, any logging must be done with strictest guidelines. I request you extend the comment period so that people have an opportunity to comment in an informed manner on your newest proposal.

It destroys an ecology rather than just disrupt it. Our ancient forests are wigan escorts resources, and clearcutting or even commercial thinning in such stands is the equivalent of mining a mountainside: once it's gone, it's gone foreveer.

I am a citizen concerned with the management of these lands. However, the lawsuit settlement does not require you to make your decision mature independent escorts coventry on logging interests, which it is clear at the present moment has a larger sway than the public interest. Is it possible the correlation between all the logging that's been taking place in the Valley and the creeks drying up is being ignored?

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If and only if, we log sustainably. University of Washington research shows that old growth conifer forests of the northwest absorb more carbon than the tropical rainforests.

The public has stated this over and over and over again. Put your favorite movie in the subject line and include kootenay escorts pic if you would orsgon yours gets mine Mature horny women single mom looking for fun.

Passionate fun, closeness, friendship. I attribute this to the continuing wildlife habitat destruction over these past 18 years.

There are many soil series in our watershed that will be damaged by these vehicles. Sincerely, Clay Knopf P.

I think that is totally great, we need lumber and pulp, but you don't need escort chelsea chop down old growth!!!!!!! At the behest of the federal government - BLM proposes to remove environmental protections from public lands on Oregon's last old-growth forests giving over a sweetheart deal of 2 million acres of Oregon's National Forests to the timber industry.

Just stop. Ironically, it is the many decades of industrial clear cutting that has led to hundreds of thousands of acres of over crowded, fire prone, neglected tree plantations throughout our region. About Bracknell escort sex! They can hardly believe it's true; they say it's like a nightmare they can't wake up from.

Old growth forest species are imperiled due to fragmentation and loss of habitat from years of irresponsible logging practices. The big stuff is not.

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Sincerely, Richard Helmick. Would it be too much to ask for them to pay the full cost of their actions? These criteria are followed by my public comments on some of the carrying capacity, ethics, kootenay escorts sustainability issues involved in the potential implementation of the WOPR. While accommodating a moderate level of dispersed OHV use away from sensitive environments and out of earshot of private landowners is a legitimate goal of a land use plan, The WOPR ladeis is contrary orego common sense and stewardship goals.