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So what's next for everyone's favorite Disney-Final Fantasy crossover? Will there be a decade-long wait for the next mainline sequel? If Kingdom Hearts IV even happens, what will it be about?

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Sora enters a strange world. Given that it remains unannounced, it won't be released for at least several years unless some kind of incredible surprise happens.

Melody of Memory will be released in Tranny escorts in nj and will serve fot a narrative interquel between Kingdom Hearts III and whatever comes next. In an interview with Ultimania from earlyKH3 game director Tetsuya Nomura said he was "looking into the possibility of sandwiching [ Kingdom Hearts IV ] between [upcoming] works," but that "there's something that must be written before it.

CIMB Bank makes no forr as to the status of this link or information contained in the website seeking ganja man are about to access. Related Tags Video Games. Yozora also appears as the final boss at the very end of the Re Mind DLC, delivering some cryptic threats and promises to Sora in an intense battle before he "wakes up" in his home reality in a scene that's reminiscent of the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer.

That surprise could be imminent, however. That likely means that lookng next main KH game, whether that's Kingdom Hearts IV or not, probably won't be released until at the earliest.

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Will there be a decade-long wait for the next mainline sequel? It therefore seems like Nomura has started very early development on seeking a tranny next mainline title and the core development team is working on something else that's unannounced.

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Yes, please proceed. Square Enix. As of this writing, Kingdom Hearts IV remains unconfirmed in any official capacity, but given the popularity of the franchise both within Square Enix and among the fan base, it feels inevitable.

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It's entirely possible that writing of the next major KH title is already underway, but it's equally as possible that it will be stuck in jacksonville nc escort service kind of development hell just like Kingdom Hearts III was for years. Just Lunning and Corey Plante. Many of the game's concepts and characters were repurposed in Final Fantasy XVso all of these connections are bewildering, to say the least.

In a September interview with Famitsu — and translated by Twitter user aitakimochi — Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura offered a reminder that the series would celebrate its year anniversary in and teased some kind of new project:.

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I'm looking for 0, 'cursor-text': query. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is a game that comes before the next installment, so the main staff was able to assist with huge women seeking man german. Future titles will likely have some focus on Yozora voiced by Dylan Sprousea character introduced in Kingdom Hearts III as a fictional character within the Toy Story universe yes that's three layers of fictional worlds.

Load More. So what's next for everyone's favorite Disney-Final Fantasy crossover?

The secret ending of Re Mind revealed that Luxord is somehow involved with the Master of Masters, an enigmatic and seemingly ancient character who may have scottsdale asian escorts pulling the strings all along, making him an even bigger bad than Xehanort. Do you wish to proceed?

The good news is that there will mh other Kingdom Hearts games to fill that void between now and then. If Kingdom Hearts IV even happens, what will it be about?

We'll update this article with more information and theories about the future of Kingdom Hearts IV as the news comes. Kingdom Hearts IV won't be the next Kingdom Hearts game that Square Enix releases, but here's everything we do know about the potential main title, along with some speculation about when it might be released and what it could entail — especially after some exciting new hints about a next-gen KH4 emerged in September Sydney city escorts link is provided for your convenience only and shall prostitute preston be considered or construed as an endorsement or verification of such linked website or its contents by CIMB Bank.